Music Boosts Retention and ROI
Powering Streaming Music and Podcasts
What you Get
Editorial Curation
(algorithms + humans)
BPM, Genre, or Workout-specific mixes
Simple SDK embeds into your app seamlessly
Reporting and Analytics
Why It matters
  • You don't send your users off to a 3rd party platform like Spotify
  • Seamless music experience
  • Access to all popular music - not just a single label
  • Strategic music partner to guide your full audio strategy from downloadable content to Amazon Echo integrations
Download the Guide to Fitness Technology and Music
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Music that Motivates
Our approach combines human curation with individual user level data to help optimize track lists for your customers.
Proven Engagement
Fitness app users spend 5x more time in-app when music listening is part of their experience.
Tailored Integration
We curate tracks based on BPM and desired levels of Intensity for all stages of the workout. Our solutions support both instructor-led fitness workouts and user-driven radio experiences.
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