Music is integral to the fitness class experience.
The problem is that standard music licenses for gyms are for background music and do not cover group classes. Spotify and Apple Music Terms of Service prohibit commercial use. Rightsholders have ignored violations in the past, but are increasingly focused on the fitness space and fines are growing. is built around your needs.
We offer a group class music solution with smooth streaming and delivery of fresh mixes with a breadth of content. Tailor a brand-consistent solution across all of your locations using our Standalone App or Native SDKs. The Standalone app can be up and running in 5 minutes or less.
Guaranteed Compliance guarantees compliance so you and your franchisees don’t have to deal with complicated license agreements and reporting. If you have already done direct deals, you can keep those in place and our app becomes your centralized curation, streaming, and tracking tool.
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