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How to License Music?
While there are many options for sharing music with your customers, most come with tremendous drawbacks: spend hundreds of thousands of dollars directly with the major labels, send your customers out to a 3rd party platform, or use anonymous royalty free music.
The Solution
Popular Music
With, you're streaming popular commercial music, not just the stuff that's available in the public domain. Our endless catalogue is composed of all music that's ever been commercially available, so you can be sure your users will have access to the best music.
Keep users engaged on your owned properties.
With our API, your users will experience free music streaming straight from your brand. Your users won't have to subscribe or pay, and they won't be exposed to any other advertising.
All artists and copyright holders get paid.
We fully indemnify our partners and you can rest assured that we are reporting usage and paying rights holders. You should never have to think about licensing music or paying royalties again.
Sample Stations on
Easily stream popular and indie music for your customers.
power workouts
today's pop
indie dance
endurance training
throwback jams
yoga & stretching
classic rock
game day pump up
mellow summer vibes
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