Commercial Music
With, you’re streaming popular commercial music, not just the stuff that’s available in the public domain. Our endless catalogue is composed of all music that’s ever been commercially available, so you can be sure your users will have access to the best music.
No Licensing Deals
You don’t ever need to think about royalties or licensing. Our pricing is clear, easy to understand and based on volume. You don’t have to worry that you’re paying for a bunch of music that your users will never hear.
White-Labeled Experience
Our players look and feel organic to your app. Your users won’t have to subscribe or pay, and they won’t be exposed to any logos or copy that drive traffic to other platforms.
Ease of Use
Your users need no additional log in credentials to engage with music. Removing logins reduces friction by over 90%. Your users stay in your app to engage, instead of being directed to a 3rd-party app to log in and listen.
Legal Music Playback
We handle all the licensing, so you know that the music you’re sharing with users is licensed and legal. We know this is the biggest headache around adding music to your brand image, so don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.
Internet Radio
The API makes branded internet radio streaming possible. With our player, your users get a pandora-style interface with a skippable stream that’s unique for each user. This isn’t an old Shoutcast simulcast - your users can skip songs, pause playback, and tell us which songs they like and dislike so we can adjust the music they hear.
We provide battle-tested native iOS, Android, javascript, and actionscript SDKs, so you can integrate our white-label player on any platform and take full advantage of it. Each platform has a core SDK for streaming music and controlling playback, plus UI widgets to make it easy to add a player UI to your interface. We also offer a simple REST API if you want to build things yourself.
Audio Ads
If you have 3rd party or in-house ads, it’s not difficult to pause music to insert them into the user experience, then restart music after they’ve run. You can also display visual ads when the user is interacting with the music player and you know you have their attention.
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